Think of your wounds, scars and weak spots. Then imagine revealing them all to someone. It is scary, right? Yes it is, and that is why we guard it.

Vulnerability is all about being open. We live in a world where people are comfortable in their lies and secrets, and so it is hard to live a vulnerable life. 

We love to see others being vulnerable to us, but when it is our turn to do the same, we tend to shy away from it, we are afraid to let others see us for who we really are. Yes! We are afraid to display the truth that is the core and essence of our being.

Brene Brown, a qualitative researcher once worked on what people with fulfilling relationships have in common, and after six years of research and interviews, what her findings came down to was Vulnerability.

Vulnerability is more than being open, it is being open to the possibility that you can get loved or hurt. Vulnerability is about exposing yourself emotionally, and by doing this, we create beautiful and meaningful experiences we will ever have. It is the willingness to be seen for who we are.

Vulnerability is the state in which we all enter the world, and to enjoy all that life has to offer, we must learn to be vulnerable. To make and build relationships, you have to take the responsibility of vulnerability.

Have you encountered someone that walks the same difficult road you tread and the same or similar situation that you passed through. Are you not stirred to compassion?

To enjoy God in his almighty fullness, you must be vulnerable in his presence. To also enjoy your daily relationship with the Holy Spirit, you must learn to be vulnerable.

It is a common belief that vulnerability is a weakness, which is not true. It is true that you can be hurt by being vulnerable, but getting hurt does not mean that you are weak. Sometimes, it is through this painful experiences that we learn life’s most important lessons.

To be the best version of who God created us to be, we need people around us, and to build relationships with this people that will last, we must be vulnerable, because it is the memories that we make by being open about ourselves and share together that is going to bind us together.

The only thing is to be careful about is who to be vulnerable to. Being vulnerable to the wrong person can make them take advantage of your openness, and this can lead to many things, pain, hurt and even death.

Jesus made himself vulnerable or else he would not have been born a child. And because of his willingness to be vulnerable and die on the cross, we now have a connection point to God.

So, from today, be seen for who you are, let your life within and without shine like the sun, and as you embrace vulnerability, may you see beauty in all your relationships.

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.


  1. Here is one writer whose works I look out for, keep being you!
    You're going places.

    1. Wow! High praise from you!
      I'm glad,and I'll do my best at consistency.