The beautiful fragrance that permeates the earth when Christmas is in full bloom never ceases to amaze me. What about you? Do you also get amazed?

The smell of freshly baked cookies filling the house and saturating your nostrils. The memories we make when we open our homes to friends and family. The joy we experience as the tree glows under a number of blinking lights hung above and around the house. The kids playing gleefully as the adults catch up on old memories and make new ones.

I am sure you are reading, and smiling your heart out! 

But I have often heard it said that “Every day is not Christmas”, but I believe it can be.

Yes! Christmas is all about Love.

God loves us so much that he gave us the capacity to love. Love is precious and divine, and it is our duty to give love freely to everyone we come across. 

So, let your words always communicate love to your neighbor whether in praise or in communication. Let your action communicate love by always doing what is right in and around your world. Yes! Smile in love. Laugh in love. Advise in love. Correct in love. Walk in love. Give in love. Saturate your relationships with love. And most importantly, live with the consciousness of love.

Do you also know that we honor what God stands for when we celebrate Christmas?

Yes! Christmas is all about honor.

Virtue is founded on the understanding of honor. We greet each other every day because of honor. We respect men because of honor. We fight not because of honor. We envy not because of honor. We judge not because of honor. We live a life of purity to not only honor God, but to honor our body. We pray and worship God because we honor Him. 

So, looking at all this, I choose to live a life of honor, what about you? Say it aloud.

But that’s not all!

Christmas showed us that God gave us a peace that is not fleeting like the peace the world gives, but a peace that is permanent.

Peace is a state of calmness regardless of the situation. It is different from the peace of the world that is dependent on the good circumstances of life. When you are peaceful, you will respect people’s opinion, their personality and uniqueness. And most importantly, when you are peaceful, it means that your trust lies solely in God.

But do you know this story will be incomplete if we don’t talk about joy. 

Yes! Christmas is a season of joy, and it is your choice to live in Joy. 

Why? Because Joy is God given, sustained by one’s expectation of something wonderful in all situations, good or bad. 

Joy is a gift given to us by God. And most importantly, the joy of the lord is our strength.

So, friend, 

Live every day in Love! 

Live every day in Honor!

Live every day in Peace!  

Live every day in Joy!

In God’s Love, 

Okunola Peace.