I used to wonder about the nature of God. One look at the news blaring on the TV screen and I wonder, How can God be good with all the decay that surrounds us? I didn’t doubt God’s power, nor did I doubt His authority. He just sounded scary to me at the time. Because I thought that if God could allow slavery and corruption to taint the goodness of the world, then there must be a part of him that doesn’t care about us. I used to wonder, Will I get on his bad side one day?

Living in Lagos is a job on its own; you have to guard your peace the same way you guard crates of eggs on your way from a poultry farm. On second thought, everything could look alright, but minutes later, that sense of togetherness can be shattered without your express permission. It was another bright day, with the sun mercilessly radiating its radiance. The sound of a woman screaming reached my ears quicker than the realization of what was happening. Two men bolted past me on the sidewalk. A woman, scantily dressed, ran after them. Her panicked calls for help alarmed everyone in a one-mile radius about what was happening. I could see the second man catching up to the first man, and a wrestling match began. The lady tried separating them, but a push to the side changed her mind and made her just stand there and watch helplessly.

A crowd gathered at the scene, murmuring and collectively putting together pieces of information about what was happening. The scuffle ended as fast as it started, as some police officials were around the area. I didn’t know how it all ended because I had an appointment to meet up with someone, but what am I trying to say?

The world is in a state of degradation. Nations fighting… Nations in turmoil... We see it in natural disasters, famines, and droughts. It took a long time for me to realize in the scriptures that abuse, divorce, and relationship breakdowns were not part of God’s good design. Sin broke the goodness of God’s good design, and if we do not take care, sin will break everything we hold dear and righteous.

I wish life would always be sweet and rosy. I wish life would return lost treasure to us, but that is not how things always work out. Sometimes, lost things stay gone. Though we may face uncertainties in this world, we must hold fast to the truth of God’s good design for life, values, and truth. God is good, and His plans are good. 


In God’s Love,

Peace Okunola.


  1. This is awesome, the good plan of God was very beautiful, but sin has caused a lot of havoc. Keep it up bro

  2. Yes, God’s good design is perfect.