I have often wondered as I journey through life about the anatomy of humans and why we were created the way we are. Why not give us six hands instead of two? Why not give us four legs instead of two?

You are surprised, aren’t you? Or maybe I am not the only one who ponders and think about the intent behind man’s creation. Why two eyes? Why a single nose with two nostrils and two ears? But I am amazed about one of the members in the body at the moment, and that is the head.

Yes, the head! The head is a special part of the human structure that complements the other parts of the body.

I was wondering about the head one day when I came to a realization and that is:

"You can only turn your head in one direction, it is either you are looking forward or backward."

And this brings me to the subject of my article today and that is looking forward!

Looking forward simply means you choose not to accept your present circumstances, but to continue to take a step each day until the obstacles before you are overcomed. If you fail, looking forward helps you to focus on the future until you find another means of accomplishing your goal. 

But most importantly, looking forward prevents you from passing blames and making excuses. 

There is only one thing to do when it seems like everything is against you, and that is to keep looking forward. The challenges of life comes to break and derail you, but keep looking forward because it is only when you look forward that you will see new things. Keeping fighting the hardships and keep your focus on God.

When you keep looking forward, you cannot walk amiss, but looking backward prevents us from seeing what the future holds. Looking forward invokes our curiosity, and allows us to see things, ideas and opportunities when they come. We must learn to keep our joy in the face of all challenges for with that we can keep looking forward.

To keep looking forward, you must not allow hardship to break you, but use your experiences to grow stronger, and as you grow stronger, face the obstacles before you rather than running away from them. 

To keep looking forward, you must accept and take responsibility of what has happened in the past and not live the present in regret and guilt.

To focus on always looking forward, you must choose not to look backward, or like Lot’s wife who looked back, you will be stuck in the past, unwilling to let it go.

So, thank God for the past, thank God for the present and keep looking forward.

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.