I wanted to watch black women,

With their long legs and wide hips

Dance to deep and sensuous music.

I wanted to dance and sway

To breathless songs 

That the Brazilian women sings.

I dreamnt of the glories

Of exotic maiden with slim hips

And the stories their eyes would tell.

I dreamnt of the liquid laughter

Of maiden with redsome lips

Until I met you.


I wanted to review African poetry

That has been written over the years

To know if a rare beauty has ever exist.

I read through all the books,

Even the odes and ballads of old,

Searching and searching.

I sampled all the maidens of earth,

From the north to the south with my eyes

But... I was never satisfied.

I searched with my wandering eyes,

Until I thought a rare beauty was never born

Until I met you.


I have seen maidens of light

That makes the waters smile,

But they never looked like mine.

I have dined with jewels

That can make the parrots sing,

But they were never perfect for me.

I have even crossed path with a damsel

That makes every head to swivel

But... Her home was not just mine to dwell.

I have prayed with the daughters of men

Whose exotic beauty fails to move me,

Until I met you....


Peace was a treasure I never have,

For my life was dim and dark,

Seeming to be absent of light.

Joy was a feeling that I never possess,

As my life was full of strife and plight,

And I could not wait for old age to come.

Happiness was also far from my grasp,

Always slipping away like a thief

Before I could enjoy her sweet feeling.

Love O! My love was a faraway thing

That I thought could never be mine

Until I met you.


I always thought the sun hates me,

For his light seems to be far

From the borders of dwelling.

I always thought the moon despises me,

For his smile seems to be dark

Anytime he gazes upon my dwelling.

I always thought the beautiful stars

Were the enemy of destiny

For I never walk in their brilliance.

I always thought I was a strong

Man that was above weakness

Until I met you.

©Okunola Peace.