We live in a broken world full of many broken things, and most times, it hurts to see thousands of starving and suffering children take to the roads begging for money and food, with little clothing as their only form of protection against the elements.

Most of these children do not know the wombs that birth them, they were born into insecurity, fear and into the cold reality that their survival lies in their hands.

There has been an increase in the number of child beggars in the suburb of different nations all over the world. The surge of child begging has increased momentarily, and this has led to an increase in theft and crime in several countries, especially on the African continent.

In filthy, tattered clothes, these children pop up in traffic congestion begging for money to eat, or you will find them in the alleyways, with their empty bowls that have seen better days, lurking around and waiting for a passerby to bless their bowls. 

Many believe the increase of children beggars is due to lack of parenting and family planning which I strongly support, many people give birth to many children they cannot cater for, leaving them unprepared for the world.

This children are bereft of proper education, grooming and the warmth of childhood. Child beggars sleep often in the open or on the floors of crammed rooms or uncompleted buildings, the most unfortunate ones can be found making their homes in dumping sites.

What am I trying to say? 

Children are precious souls full of untapped potentials. Their life is so full of beauty that they teach us about the freedom of life in ways we can't imagine.

The impossible is possible for them at their young age. Their forgiveness trait is simply amazing, and do you realize that the little things mean so much to them?

But when children are bereft of the simplicity and beauty that surrounds childhood, they grow into figures that are often unwelcome in the society. Or where do you think thugs and criminals sprouts from? Isn’t it from the street? Isn’t it from broken and shattered homes? Isn’t it from homes that didn’t portray characters that are virtuous to emulate?

What am I trying to say?

The economy still suffers because we fail to see the wealth in every child’s hands, wealth we are supposed to grow, groom and build into their full stature. The street is still full of criminals because we fail to see the wealth in every child’s hands. We are used to the normal, so we don’t see the unique and different gifts that stray from the usual normality.

The wealth in every child’s hands is different, it might be related to speech, brilliancy, music, fashion, acting and many more, but when we see it, let us do our best to shine their light bright.

Eli allowed the light of God’s voice shine into Samuel’s ears, and we see how God used him mightily. King David, a man after God’s own heart let his light so shine forth that his son King Solomon offered a thousand offerings to God to praise him, and we see the blessings his divine knowledge brought to the world.

Jesus saw the wealth in the boy’s hands that fed five thousand men, it was just three loaves and two fishes, right? 

Do we know the wealth in each child’s hands and the generation it is meant to feed?

So, wherever we are, let us do our best to shine the light in the hands of every child we come across. 

In God’s Love,

Okunola Peace.


  1. Insightful! I never realized every child has potentials yet to be mined and processed into wealth until I read this.

    Good job!